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Final Expense Exclusive Live Transfer

Our Leads are 100% exclusive for you. Our Telemarketers do cold calling on a list checked against Federally issued Do not Call List, and double checked by our Quality Assurance team for its Quality. Thats why our credit rate is only 0.02%.

Price Per Piece: $25

Our Credit Policy

Prime Leads Network LLC.

The information below outlines PLNs approved reasons to issue credit for leads in its Phone lead Programs.

  1. More than 1 rebuttal- It is understood that the telemarketer is allowed one rebuttal to a potential prospects remarks (For example:“I already have insurance”…the Telemarketer is allowed to come back with 1 rebuttal, if the prospect agrees after that and completes the phone call with an understanding that an agent will be calling them back it is a good lead. If the prospect continues to state that they are not interested then it will be credited.
  2. Same lead in any 30 day window- If you receive the same lead within 30 days we will credit you.
  3. More than 10% over age 80- If more than 10% of the leads you receive in any given order are over age 80 we will credit you for the amount received over 10% over age 80. ( If someone else in house is interested and under age 80, this does not count)
  4. Over age 85- We will credit for any lead over age 85(if someone else in house is interested and under age 85 we will not credit)
  5. Wrong Number- We will credit for Wrong numbers. Usually this is a simple typographical error and can be corrected with the lead not needing replacement.
  6. No voice recording- We will credit for leads that do not come with a voice recording.
  7. Deceased- Any lead where the prospect has deceased.

Client may submit lead credit request for bad leads within 72 hours of lead delivery. All requests for Leads replacement must be to be done on lead request work sheet with order number, lead number and reason for request. Guidelines may be revised at any time.

I _________________________have read, understand and agree toPLN’s lead replacement policy.

Signed: Agent