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Final Expense Lead Script

Hi, this is …….. with Senior benefits/ care. How are you?
I’m calling to let you know of a new LOW COST Final Expense Insurance plan that has just been approved in your state this life insurance plan is designed to cover 100% of your funeral expenses. So Our licensed agent will give you a call back in a few days to give you more Information about this new low cost Final Expense whole life insurance plan . Would that be okay?

If YES Continue
(If Not interested /YES Insurance One Rebuttal allowed)

  1. How old are you? (45-85)
  2. What is the best time call you back? i-e morning , evening or afternoon?
  3. If you choose to take coverage, who would the benefit go to? spouse, son or daughter?
  4. On which plan would you like to get information 5,lowest one 10000 ,Middle or 20,000 highest in coverage?
  5. Your best callback number is: -------
  6. Your name I have here is: ------
  7. Your address I have here is: -------
  8. What is your DOB? or Year ?
  9. Do you have any active checking or saving bank account? Yes or No
  10. Are you currently hospitalized, in a nursing home?
  11. Do you currently have cancer?
  12. Are you currently on oxygen or kidney dialysis?

By saying yes you agree to provide this information to a state licensed insurance agent who will contact you back and that call will over ride any state or Federal no contact registries you may be on.

Thank you for you time our licensed insurance agent will call you back and review your options regarding this new state Approved Final expense Insurance Policy.

Good bye