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Prime Leads Network

Final Expense Exclusive Telemarketted Leads

We offer Live human Exclusive telemarketted generated Final Expense Insurance leads. These leads are generated by live telemarketters over the Phone. We purchase Data, scrubb them against DNC and generate Exclusive Telemarketted leads at a very affordable and compettitve Price. Our leads are generated by the best Telemarketters which are trained by our Quality trainers.

Lead Stats

  • Leads are always between 45 to 85 years of Age.
  • We generate them in Zip Codes Counties States and SCF as well.
  • We apply Income Filters while pulling out data Upon Your Request.
  • Our Minimum Order is as low as 10 Leads but we prefer you to test us out with 25- 35 leads and then make your decision.

Our Telemarketers will conduct or Verify following information for you.

  • First Name.
  • Last Name
  • Address ( Apartment numbers if they Exist )- City/zipcode - State
  • Age ( if not then between 45 to 85 )
  • Call back time
  • Beneficiary( if customer is willing to Provide)
  • Plans ( $5000, $10000, $20000 / if customer is willing to provide )
  • Favorite Color ( For the Refference of Call back )
  • Spouse interest Questions


We provide recordings with every lead so that will give you an Idea that each lead is Exclusive and Genuine. No matter if you are an independent agent or a big company we care about all of our clients equally and provide those leads by using the Agent Name in the call which will allow you to go for High Conversion ratio of Sales into Leads

Lead Access

We Provide you a real time View of leads into our User friendly interface Leads Managment System. We provide in the Form of Excell Spread sheet. Our Leads Managment System provides you the Option of Downloading Leads in the form of Printables

Quality Control

Our Quality Assurance Department is handled by on of our Best Employee who Manages the team of 10 people to control the Quality of our Final Expense Insurance Leads. There Job is to make sure to listen to Each lead and make sure there is no bad lead sent to any of our Client. They Respond with in 24 hours to any complains you have regarding Quality controls and make sure that you are only paying for the Legitimate Leads. For more Information you can See our Lead Credit Policy.

Lead Delivery

Our Lead Delivery is one of our Speciality which differs us From Other Lead Genertion Company and makes you go for very High Conversions. We deliver them Real time. Any leads generated are always delivered with in 12 hours of the time they are generated. Our Quality Assurance team Listen to each and Every single recoriding of the Leads and makes sure leads are Legitimate to be sent over.


Order Now

We offer leads as low as $15 each Lead. If you come up with the Order of 10 Leads or 150 leads a day we offer you a flat Static Price.

Sample Recording

Sample Leads

Final Expense Lead Script

Hi, this is …….. with Senior benefits/ care. How are you?
I’m calling to let you know of a new LOW COST Final Expense Insurance plan that has just been approved in your state this life insurance plan is designed to cover 100% of your funeral expenses. So Our licensed agent will give you a call back in a few days to give you more Information about this new low cost Final Expense whole life insurance plan . Would that be okay?
If YES Continue
(If Not interested /YES Insurance One Rebuttal allowed)

  1. How old are you? (45-85)
  2. What is the best time call you back? i-e morning , evening or afternoon?
  3. If you choose to take coverage, who would the benefit go to? spouse, son or daughter?
  4. On which plan would you like to get information 5,lowest one 10000 ,Middle or 20,000 highest in coverage?
  5. Your best callback number is: -------
  6. Your name I have here is: ------
  7. Your address I have here is: -------
  8. What is your DOB? or Year ?
  9. Do you have any active checking or saving bank account? Yes or No
  10. Are you currently hospitalized, in a nursing home?
  11. Do you currently have cancer?
  12. Are you currently on oxygen or kidney dialysis?

By saying yes you agree to provide this information to a state licensed insurance agent who will contact you back and that call will over ride any state or Federal no contact registries you may be on.

Thank you for you time our licensed insurance agent will call you back and review your options regarding this new state Approved Final expense Insurance Policy.

Good bye

Our Credit Policy

The information below outlines PLNs approved reasons to issue credit for leads in its Phone lead Programs.

  1. More than 1 rebuttal- It is understood that the telemarketer is allowed one rebuttal to a potential prospects remarks (For example:I already have insurance. Telemarketer is allowed to come back with 1 rebuttal, if the prospect agrees after that and completes the phone call with an understanding that an agent will be calling them back it is a good lead. If the prospect continues to state that they are not interested then it will be credited.
  2. Same lead in any 30 day window- If you receive the same lead within 30 days we will credit you.
  3. More than 10% over age 80- If more than 10% of the leads you receive in any given order are over age 80 we will credit you for the amount received over 10% over age 80. ( If someone else in house is interested and under age 80, this does not count)
  4. Over age 85- We will credit for any lead over age 85(if someone else in house is interested and under age 85 we will not credit)
  5. Wrong Number- We will credit for Wrong numbers. Usually this is a simple typographical error and can be corrected with the lead not needing replacement.
  6. No voice recording- We will credit for leads that do not come with a voice recording.
  7. Deceased- Any lead where the prospect has deceased.

Client may submit lead credit request for bad leads within 72 hours of lead delivery. All requests for Leads replacement must be to be done on lead request work sheet with order number, lead number and reason for request. Guidelines may be revised at any time.

I _________________________have read, understand and agree toPLN’s lead replacement policy.

Signed: Agent

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