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<h1>Final Expense Lead Script</h1> <div class="separator-2"></div> Hi, This is ________. With Senior care. How are you?<br/> I&#039m calling to let you know of a new <strong>LOW COST</strong> Final Expense Insurance plan that has just been approved in your state <strong>(STATE ON DIALER)</strong>. This &quotLIFE&quot insurance plan is designed to cover 100% of your funeral expenses. Our local agent can give you a callback in a few days and give you more information. <br/><br/> Would you be interested in learning more about this new Low Cost &quotLIFE&quot insurance plan? <br/><br/> If <strong>YES</strong> Continue <br/><strong>(If Not interested /YES Insurance One Rebuttal allowed) </strong> <br/><br/> How old are you. (50-80) (This is so he can determine the best plan for you) <p><ol> <li> What is your name? (Customer full name)</li> <li> Will this information on Burial Insurance be just for you or your spouse as well?</li> <li> How old is your spouse?</li> <li> Is mornings, afternoon or evenings good for a call back?</li> <li> Would you prefer to receive information on 5, 10, or 20,000 in coverage? </li> <li> If you chose to take coverage, who would the benefit go to? All I need is the relationship such as a spouse, son or daughter? </li> <li> And one last thing, for security purposes we want to be sure that you know it is one of our agents calling you back. So may I ask, what is your favorite color? </li> </ol></p> Our local is an expert on this new plan and he will provide you with a quote and help you to better understand how this affordable plan can benefit you and your family. <br/><br/> Please remember to expect a callback from <strong>(AGENT NAME)</strong> within the next few days about this Final Expense Insurance plan. <br/><br/> <strong>Have a wonderful day.</strong>