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<h1> AUTO INSURANCE Live Transfer Script </h1> <div class="separator-2"></div> Hi, my name is _____ from US Auto Care. How are you doing today? <br/><br/> I am calling to let you know that, we have recently dropped down our rates on Auto insurance and I will be happy to give you a no obligation quotes. I just want to know how many cars do you have these days (1, 2 or 3). <br/><br> If, Customer says <b>NO</b>. (Then switch on Rebuttal). If, <b>YES</b> then go for the next question. <ul> <li>What is your current insurance provider?(Must not have All State Insurance</li> <li>And what is your age?</li> </ul> <b> OPT-IN: Let me ask you a fair question, if you get something better and cheaper than what you already have and we save your money with some better coverage, would you possibly think about it? (Clear Yes) </b> <ol> <li> What is the Year/Make/Model of your car?</li> <li> How long have you been with your Current Insurance Company?</li> <li> How much do you pay with your Current Insurance Company?</li> <li>I show your FIRST NAME/LAST NAME as __________?</li> <li>Your ADDRESS as (street address, CITY, STATE & zip) __________? Is that correct? (IF NO, OBTAIN CORRECT INFO)</li> <li>What is your date of Birth?</li> <li>In case we get disconnected best number to call you back is-------?</li> </ol> </p> <p style="text-decoration: underline;"> By saying yes, you have agreed to share the information that you provided today, with our licensed agent who can reach you back using auto dial, text message and the call will override and Federal or State DNC Lists. </p> <p style="text-decoration: underline;"> Disclaimer: Sir/Mam, I will transfer your call to the licensed agent of your local area to let you know how much money we can save you on auto insurance. Is that Okay? </p> Stay on the line with me please.