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<h1>USA Auto Care</h1> <div class="separator-2"></div> Hello, this is _____________ calling you from <strong>USA AUTO CARE</strong>, How are you today?<br/> The reason of my call is to let you know that the rates for auto insurance have fallen down by up to 35% in your area.<br/> <br/> May I ask you a quick question please? <br/><br/> If we are able to offer you a discount by up to <strong>35% </strong>on your auto insurance bills, would you consider that as an option for the future reference, maybe? <br/><br/> <strong>(if yes, verify the below)</strong><br/> <p><ol> <li>Full name</li> <li>Address( street name, zipcode, city and state)</li> <li>Phone Number</li> <li>Age( are you between the age of 25-65?) </li> <li>Email address</li> <li>Best call back time </li> <li>Name of their insurance provider</li> <li> Car details( Mode, Make and the year of the vehicle) , Number of cars they have also!</li> <li> Disclaimer/Callback Consent </li> </ol></p> <br/> Courtesy Close after all is done. <br/><br/> <strong>Note: Additional Questions Can be added upon request of the client at Additional Costs. </strong>